Muck Boot Men’s Muckster II Low Climbing Shoe

Muck Boot Men’s Muckster II Low Climbing Shoe

The biggest enemy of your shoes is the rain, more so when you desire to be able to dance in the rain and suck the maximum of adventure into your life. And then again, it is often hard to find a shoe to wear for its style, and yet have it resistant to water as well as being durable.

Well, the holy trinity of your shoe requirements has finally been met, and it goes by the name of the Muckster II Low Climbing Shoe.


  • Very resistant to water
  • Made of rubber and neoprene
  • Its sole is made of rubber
  • 4mm CR-flex foam
  • A shoe that cleans itself
  • Outsole is made of rubber that allows high traction
  • Imported quality
  • Breathable airmesh lining
  • Available in four different colors: black, bark otter, moss green, Realtree
  • Available in 10 different sizes


  • Extremely durable
  • Water resistant
  • Self-cleaning shoe, hence maintenance is minimal
  • Very breathable, allowing your feet to stay aerated all the time
  • Breathability also causes your shoes to remain odor free
  • Gives good grip for moderately steep surfaces
  • Gives your feet a good feel
  • Can be matched with any outfit


  • No insulation(still keeps your feet appreciably warm in winters)
  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty purposes


The shoe’s first and foremost boast is its resistance to rain and water. And that is the tenet of which this shoe was made. With excellent water resistance, no matter how much strain water does on your shoes, you will see no difference.

While other shoes start giving a dozen of problems while in the rain, starting from water seeping inside, fungi growing when trying to dry the shoe, and ending at material wear, you can be assured that rain is not the reason your shoe is breathing its last.

Say hello to the much requiredself-cleaning feature of this shoe. With rain and heavy outdoor activity, debris gets on the outside of the surface of your shoe. Especially if your shoe is old, small stones and dirt gets trapped in the space between the shoe’s body and its outsole. With the self-cleaning technology used in this shoe, that is no longer a problem.

Another commendable feature of this shoe is its breathability. Connect the dots between what this shoe is made for and this very feature. With rain comes the inevitable odor in your shoes. With the breathable feature, you can be assured your shoes stay fresh as new always.

Also, unlike most other shoes where your feet start sweating and smelling after strenuous activity, the breathable nature of this shoe allows you to keep your feet fresh, aerated and smell-free.

The outsole has treads on it, much like a tire. These treads are to give an unquestionable quality of friction between the ground and your shoe. Friction is also great between your feet and your insole.

With 4mm CR flex foam, no sharp objects will even dare penetrate your shoe upper. Walk freely in the rivers and water bodies unaware of what objects lie beneath the surface, and you’ll still come out with a shoe that’s unchanged by any object, as well as the water.

Looks are something this shoe excels in. With four different designs, each one is better than the other. Special mention should be given to the Realtree design, which is a class on its own.

Please note that this shoe is not designed for heavy rock climbing as is evident by the name of this shoe. This shoe is designed for low rock climbing as well as wearing casually, for gardening or for the gym.


In the same price range, the shoe is probably one of the best. Compared to the line of Muckboots made by the same company, these shoes are similar in quality and style if not a little better. Based on your needs, you may choose Muckster Ankle shoes, which are similar to this one but also covers your ankles.

You may go for a more girly design and pick up the MuckBoots Women’s Breezy low boot, though you are essentially buying the same product with minor differences. If you’re going to the market undecided, picking these up is your best option.

To get a better shoe that does more than what these provide, you have to pay significantly more. The Rock Men’s Tan Leather and MuckbootsCamo shoes are some examples.


Where casual use and hard use in water and rock climbing up to a certain height is concerned, these boots are more than perfect. There is no better shoe you will get that’ll complete the holy trinity we described above.

However, if you’re here keeping heavy rock climbing in mind, you should probably compromise on the water resistance feature of Muck Boot Men’s Muckster II Low Climbing Shoe and buy a different shoe, which is better suited for your needs.


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