Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe Review

Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe Review

The Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe is a technically sound shoe for climbers at all levels of expertise. It is built for durability, comfort, and precision.You can wear them for up to 10 hours without any discomfort.

It provides easy traction on vertical surfaces and allows you standing space on slightest of nubs on the slabs.

The synthetic leather on the heel area adds power and precision to the feet. You can walk for miles without feeling the effect. With the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe there will be no tired feet, no arch pains, just an enthusiasm to travel more unchartered territories.


  • Made of leather as well as rubber
  • There is leather throughout the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe. The front half is lined with microfiber, especially for performance and support
  • Synthetic leather is placed in the heel and the arch area to provide strategic support
  • Arch band made from long lasting VTR rubber
  • The last is non-aggressive. For improvement in performance, the last can be easily downsized
  • Tongue lock system is unique to the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe. This ensure the tongue does not move from its place at all
  • ¾ speed lacing system for easy use
  • Full-length midsole and 4.2mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Flat profile


  • The Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe is built for performance
  • The front half of the Evolv Axiom climbing shoe is lined with microfiber. It is specially added for enhancing the climbing shoes’ performance and support
  • The heel and the arch area have strategically placed synthetic leather for support and power
  • Can be worn for longer periods of time without feeling any discomfort
  • No foot fatigue or aching arches
  • The tongue lock system places Velcro between the side of the shoe and the tongue. This prevents the tongue from slipping when you are twisting your foot to find a foothold
  • The 4.2 mm thick TRAX rubber on the full-length midsole prevents the feet from getting tired as well as makes the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe durable
  • Thick rubberized toe prevents easy wear and tear of the climbing shoe
  • The leather upper stretches to shape the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe around your foot
  • You can climb any surface with ease
  • The narrow toe allows for easy purchase in space-defying crevices.
  • To increase the torsional rigidity, the arch band is tightened securely


  • The shoe size is about 1.5 times smaller than the normal shoe size
  • Basic design


Before buying any product, it is advisable to survey the market thoroughly for all the available products in the segment to make an informed decision.

For a price slightly higher than the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe, you can check out the Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe. It is made of leather, with a rubber sole, and comes with a two-strap closure. It weighs a mere 223 grams. It is manufactured by a company owned by experienced climbers.

The CLIMB X Redpoint Climbing Shoe falls below the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe on the price spectrum. It is made of rubber and has anorganic hemp footbed to prevent foot odor. Cut leather is used for the high-grade center. The tongue is made of breathable mesh. The hooking heel and the descent tread is made of 3D molded climbing rubber, and the ankle cuff is padded for extra support and comfort.

As per customer reviews, in contrast to the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe, the Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe is ideal for a beginning climber because the rubber sole is not ideal for serious climbing. It has minimal grip preventing you from finding any purchase on the surface. The rubber toe box is almost non-existent. The leather upper is also no good.

The sizes for the CLIMB X Redpoint Climbing Shoe are way off the mark. Reordering them online multiple times is a pain point. The shoes have no size marked on them. Also, these climbing shoes are ideal for only climbers looking to begin their journey, unlike the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe which is an all-terrain climbing shoe built for every climber, experienced or not.


The Evolv Axiom is a climbing shoe that is perfect for all kind of surfaces.

It provides edging power while keeping foot fatigue at bay.Several unique features are added to Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe so that it can perform well for you. It was hard finding a disadvantage of owning an Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe.

With so many positive features and reviews proclaiming it the ideal climbing shoe, you should go for it.To date, the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe is the best among its contemporaries.

Our recommendation: Buy the Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe as soon as possible so that you can begin scaling heights!


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