5 Best Climbing Shoes to Choose From

5 Best Climbing Shoes to Choose From

Climbing shoes are better than the neutral sports shoes in the sense that their level of comfort is higher. They are able to provide a good grip and day-long comfort in every sense. Your feet are never tired after an outing in a good pair of climbing shoes.

The thick rubber soles that are present in good quality climbing shoes are also bacteria resistant and do not easily wear and tear. They are a very good investment not only on the part of professional and experienced climbers, but also common people or amateurs who’d like to try their hand at climbing, trekking or even mountaineering.

The best part about climbing shoes is that you can choose one according to your comfort level, or the level of ruggedness the terrain is going to present.

Here we have listed a few of the best climbing shoes that you could avail for various purposes.


This is a unisex pair of shoes, so anybody can use them, be they male or female. These shoes can basically perform well and provide a pretty good grip while on varying surfaces, be itmarble flooring, or a mountain top.

The shoe fits in well considering it is made out of an innovative blend of both natural as well as synthetic materials.

Anasazi Lace

These shoes come in color. Though majorly used by female customers, it serves as a good choice even for men. It is not too pricey, and thus more accessible to all. The shoes are stretch resistant, which allow a consistent grip and close fitting to your feet. The comfort level provided by the Anasazy Lace pair is what makes buyers mostturn towards them.

La Sportiva TC Pro

This again is another unisex pair of shoes that can be easily opted for by either gender. This pair of shoes has great quality, especially when it comes at a price lower than most of the others.

The fashionable exterior adds to its appeal, while its high-end performance takes it to the next level. The fit is close and comfortable,and the shoes are trustworthy. The thin sole of rubber near your ankles and toes provide much-needed padding and protection. Also, the bacteria resistant materials of these shoes prevent your feet from smelling bad.

La Sportiva Tarantula

The La Sportiva Tarantula provides an all-around support and grip throughout the day. It is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you will ever come across.

The Tarantula will provide maximum benefit with a minimum amount of pain even after long hours of use, is its most amazing features. The spider-styled crisscrossed laces look very stylish, and the Velcro-fitted shoes give you the perfect fit for daily wear as well.

Its design is what sets it apart from all other such products available on the market. These shoes actually take the ideas of comfort and style to the next level, and allow you to make better climbing experiences than ever.

Five Ten Anasazi

These are one of the lowest-priced climbing shoes in their class that you could possibly find on the market, without compromising the product’s quality. The sharp edges allow you to accurately place your feet, even into the smallest of cracks, with better grip and friction.

The added function of the rubber sole gives you a higher level of performance and help you achieve new heights.


There are different models available for men as well as women, with shoes available with higher arches and lighter soles.

Try out any of these shoes to get that perfect fit for your next mountain climbing, trekking or even running event. You could even wear and flaunt them at some in-house event or wear them as regular shoes.

With the high-quality grip and better levels of comfort that climbing shoes provide, it is easier to walk, run and climb in them. Using them as shoes for daily wear, in fact, is a smart option too.


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