Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe Review

Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe Review

The Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is designed for those who love climbing up in the great outdoors, be it a mountain, a cliff, a ravine, or a hill.

This climbing shoe is a classic and quite a well-known brand.Steeped in generations of Italian innovation and tradition, the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is a performance footwear suitable for trail running, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

Besides being Italian for shoe, SCARPA is an acronym for the Associated Shoe Manufacturing Corporation of the Asolo Mountain Region.


  • The upper body is made of suede that stretches to take shape according to your foot
  • Has a Vibram XS Edge 3.5mm rubber sole that allows for an all-terrain and all weather foot grip
  • Lacing is asymmetric that runs towards the toe
  • Easy-on heel pull
  • Flat last
  • The midsole is ultra-thin and Flexan 1.9mm, for more support
  • TAC 100 outsole
  • Weighs 7.6 oz. or 215g
  • Thick tongue
  • Technically refined heel cup
  • A flat profile with a slightly asymmetrical shape


  • It is lightweight
  • Offers its wearer a svelte fit
  • The Vibram XS Edge rubber sole provides a perfect grip on rugged terrain and for all kind of weather conditions
  • The Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe comes in a price range according to your shoe size
  • The suede shoe material is built to last
  • Very comfortable while walking on uneven surfaces
  • Stitching is sturdylooking
  • Good for a gym workout as well


  • You will have to purchase a size larger than your sneaker
  • They are climbing shoes, can’t be worn for daily wear
  • The rubber sole is not sticky enough on granite and slab
  • Not an aggressive shoe


As a customer, you should compare a few more brands of the particular product before you make a decision to buy one.

Slightly pricier than the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe, is the climbing shoe from Kronos, Evolv. It is made of polyester and has an asymmetrical profile. The sole is a 4.2mm TRAX high friction rubber. It has a VTR rand that is thicker at the toe.

The shoe upper is made of synthetic Synthrotek VX. The full-length midsole is 1.2mm thick. It is anatomically engineered for a customized fit. It has a single buckle plus cinch pull strap closure for convenience.

Another brand of climbing shoes that you can check out besides the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is the Climb X Rockmaster. It is more affordably priced than the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe and comes with a free climbing DVD! It is manufactured with a combination of leather and rubber; it has a rubber sole.

There is a 3D molded climbing rubber for hooking heel and descent tread. The footbeds are organic hemp to ensure fresh smelling feet. It has a padded ankle cuff. Its high-grade center is made of cut leather. It has lace closures for a more precise fit.

As per quite a few customer reviews, in comparison with Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe, the Evolv Kronos is not suitable for people with wide feet as the second strap doesn’t close.

Also, it is not downturned which means, in case you are interested in steep bouldering and likes, this shoe is not for you. The black color looks stylish indoors, but outdoors, it becomes uncomfortable under the hot sun.

The Climb X Rockmaster, when compared to Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe, is reviewed by several people as non-durable. The upper of the climbing shoe is showing signs of wear and tear after a month of indoor use. Its grip too is not strong enough, and they are not sized properly either.


The Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is a sturdier and economical proposition when compared to other brands in the climbing shoe arena.Its unique features and advantages make it an ideal climbing companion.

You can wear it for your gym workouts or any of the rigorous outdoor activities on uneven terrain; the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe will keep you upright and comfortable throughout.

The Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is a perfect combination of comfort and refinement. It fits like a glove, not too loose not too tight. The suede upper stretches a bit to accommodate the foot. The ultra-thin and Flexan midsole provides that extra support to the gym goer.

Last but not the least, the manufacturer’s warranty is available for the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe for a period of 1 year from the day of purchase.

Our recommendation: If you are a seasoned climber or a beginner, or you are looking to climb indoors only, the Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoe is a perfect fit for everyone.


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