Scarpa Climbing Shoes for Men Review

Scarpa Climbing Shoes for Men Review

More and more people are doing activities that help them make their body become healthier. Many people are now active into various sports. Among the different sports that is emerging today is climbing.

Yes, nowadays, climbing is a sport and it can help you improve your physique and increase your strength. Each time you climb a rock wall, boulders or other natural rock formations, you help your body to become healthier. Although climbing has been done for centuries, various equipment, gears and tools today make it a much safer sport.

With the booming sport, it is expected that many products will be produced for it. One climbing product that is an essential part of a climber’s arsenal is the shoes. These shoes are not just your ordinary shoes; they are specially designed shoes that make it much easier for climbers to scale various rock formations, whether they are natural or manmade walls.

Climbing shoes come in three types: neutral, moderate, and aggressive. The neutral one is more for beginning climbers, while the aggressive one is best for those who are more experienced and those who climb more aggressively. One of the best brands when it comes to climbing shoes is Scarpa.

Scarpa is an Italian brand that produces various models of shoes for various types of climbers. In this review, you will see three Scarpa brand models. Each of the three falls among different types of climbing shoes.

Scarpa Men's Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe is an aggressive type of climbing shoe that can be used on natural vertical to widely overhanging rock formations, as well as gym climbing areas. This is possible through the help of the Flexan mid sole and the Vibram xs edge rubber for the forefoot. This combination provides the much-needed grip and positioning of the foot while edging.

The bi-tension active randing that goes around the arch and over the heel provides maximum toe power, although the position may need some getting used to. The position it places on the foot makes it great for grabbing edges. The Vibram xs grip 2 is an improved version that helps simplify heel hooking.

The Lorica synthetic upper provides a little stretch to make sure there is no dead space. It may need to be loosened up a bit before you can comfortably use it for smearing. The elastic tongue and the large pull tab helps properly position the foot to fit snugly inside the shoe and eliminate any dead space. The fit is adjustable through the hook and loop closure that also helps easily remove the shoes when needed.


  • Vacuum fit and great heel fit
  • Great for edging as well as grabbing
  • Tongue and pull-tab make it easier to wear properly


  • Needs break-in time for smearing
  • Sizing is different from other Instinct models

Scarpa Men's Force X Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Men’s Force X Climbing Shoe is a comfortable climbing shoe that is perfect for a beginner, intermediate or even an advance climber who just wants a more comfortable pair. The synthetic upper provides a small amount of stretch once they are regularly used.

The heel cup of this shoe is padded, which makes it feel comfortable at the ankle and back of the foot; although it is padded, it still feels snug and won’t easily slip. The V-tension active randing system also helps make heel hooking possible and comfortable as well. The mesh tongue is also padded, which provides more comfort to the wearer.

This shoe is considered to have a moderate profile, which makes it more suitable for steep climbs rather than aggressive bouldering or hooking. Although it is not an aggressive type, the Vibram Xs edge sole makes it sticky enough and allows you to smear with ease. It also has a slim toe profile that enables it to easily slide in and out of cracks.

The pull tab at the back and on the sides, makes it easier to make sure that foot is properly positioned inside the shoe. The Velcro closure enables easy removal of the shoes while it also provides a snug fit through the alternating direction design of the straps. It comes in only one color called Ink blue, but there is also a woman’s version that has a slimmer fit and is lip gloss pink in color.


  • Sticky enough for smearing
  • Sliding in and out of cracks is possible with the slim toe profile
  • Padded heel cup and tongue for comfort


  • Sizing can be difficult to determine without first fitting the shoes
  • Doesn’t stretch as much
  • Velcro closure can loosen grip due to years of use

Scarpa Men's Helix Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Men’s Helix Climbing Shoes is one of the classic climbing shoes available on the market. It is a shoe that is not only for climbing but also for other outdoor activities such as hiking, trail running, or mountaineering. The suede upper is capable of slightly stretching to conform to the shape of the foot.

The Vibram XS Edge rubber outsole is very durable and can be used on all sorts of terrain in various weather conditions. The midsole is ultra-thin and flexible but can also provide support, which makes it a great shoe to use for gym climbing too. It has a flat last that is slightly asymmetrical in shape, making it perfect for beginner climbers.

The easy-on heel pull, makes it easier to wear. The thick tongue also helps make sure the foot snugly fits inside the shoe. It has an asymmetrical lacing closure that helps keep your shoes on while you climb or trek. It is a very lightweight shoe that comes in one color combination of gray, white, black and a pop of red.


  • Best for beginning climbers and other outdoor activities
  • Outsole provides grip great for all weather


  • Not for more aggressive climbing activities
  • Difficult to determine correct sizing without first trying it out

Final words

Scarpa is a well-known brand when it comes to producing shoes for various outdoor activities. They are a family-owned Italian brand that is known to make high-quality products. The three shoes you find here fall under the three different types of climbing shoes; there is something for every climber in this review.

All of these shoes are recommended because they are of great quality. They may not be as affordable as other shoes, but once you use them for climbing, you will understand why. The type of shoe you select will also depend on what you intend to use it for. Nevertheless, any of these shoes will surely be a good addition to your climbing gear.


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