The Best Climbing Helmet

The Best Climbing Helmet

Reviewing the best Helmets for Climbers

There is always risk when you climb. All climbers know this and it is their responsibility to lessen that risk by wearing protective gear. One item of equipment that adds safety to this sport is the rock climbing helmet.

Helmets are made to protect the head in case an accident happens. Although you can make use of other kinds of helmets, the rock climbing helmets are better because they are specifically made for the sport of climbing; they have been designed and tweaked to be most comfortable for the climber who is going to use it.

Like other gear for this great climbing sport, rock climbing helmets that are available today come in a variety of styles and brands. Different brands may even produce different models of climbing helmets to provide lots of choices for their customers. Although having lots of choices can be good, it can also be confusing for the consumer who has safety as their priority.

Through this review, we can help you get to know 3 of the best climbing helmets available on the market today. Here you get to see all of their features and the different pros and cons of each product. This review can help you choose one that you can use for both your indoor rock climbing gym or outdoor climbing adventure.

Tips for Choosing the Best Rock Climbing Helmet

Rock climbing helmets may appear to be the same to the untrained and inexperienced climber. But for the experienced climber, they know and understand the factors that go into choosing the best Rock Climbing helmet.

A few things to consider is the type of climbing or other activity you will be doing and what type of helmet you like. Although style and looks may not be as important as safety, these rock climbing helmets offer some unique looks for every rock climber. Finally, the most important factor in determining your type of helmet is the fit and safety. Below you will read about the two different types of helmets and their safety features. 

Types of Climbing Helmets

There are two specific types of Climbing helmets that are generally used for rock climbing. The helmet manufacturers use different terms for each type of helmet, so focus instead on visual construction details that you can see, like shell hardness, foam thickness and number of vents. There are two main types of helmets, the hardshell and the shelled foam helmets. Lets take a look at each one. 

Shelled Foam Helmets

This is more of a lightweight style helmet, which features a thick layer of impact-absorbing polystyrene or polypropylene foam. A thin polycarbonate shell protects this thick layer of foam. When there is force from impact, the forces are dissipated via deformation inot the foam. There are two primary advantages that the shelled foam helmet offers:  

  • Minimal weight
  • Excellent ventilation

Hardshell Helmets

The harshell climbing helmet types are exactly what the name describes. This type of durable, traditional lid features an extra-hard outer shell, typically ABS plastic, that’s paired with a strap suspension system and a thin foam liner. These helmets are also known as suspension helmets and/or hybrid helmets. As witht he Shelled Foam helmest, the Hardshell offers two primary, but distinct advantages:

  • Low price
  • Long lifespan

Petzl Elios Club Helmet

The Petzl Elios Club Helmet is a versatile and durable climbing helmet. One of the best features of this helmet is the sliding shutters, which can be used to adjust the ventilation of the helmet. Open it up fully when the weather is very hot or close it up when it’s not.

The hard plastic shell is very durable, having been injected with ABS material for more durability so that it can be used in climbing areas where rock fall is possible. To make it more comfortable, there is an expanded polystyrene foam liner fitted inside.

The interior has an absorbent comfort foam to suck up moisture. It is also removable and can be washed for hygienic purposes. The adjustment buckles are strategically located at the sides to make it easier to adjust and to provide more comfort to the chin

Even if the helmet is already worn, the headband adjustment can still be moved to make sure it is most comfortable for the wearer. The 4 integrated clips provide a way for a headlamp to be attached. This helmet comes in various colors to fit your personality or preference.


  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Provides great protection


  • Can be a little uncomfortable to use

Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet

The Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet is probably the most popular climbing helmet for 2019. That may be because it is reliable when it comes to protection during climbing. It is a very affordable helmet that can protect you from falling rocks as well as ice. This is a redesign of their previous popular helmet.

One of the improvements over the previous design is the better fit. It is now available in two sizes, either a small/medium or medium/large. Another improvement is the lighter weight. Compared to the older model, this is 40 grams lighter.

It has a solid, hard plastic ABS shell that can protect you from the impact of falling rocks. The soft EPS foam interior provides a comfortable fit. The 7 vents help with the air movement so that it won’t feel very hot when worn.

The chin strap and headband are both adjustable to secure the helmet on your head and prevent it from falling due to climbing movements. It comes in a deep torch color.


  • Durable product
  • Lighter than previous version
  • Vented helmet


  • Minimal number of vents may not be enough for proper ventilation

Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet

The Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet is a well-built helmet that you can use for various activities aside from climbing. Thanks to the hard plastic shell, it can take a beating, which makes it perfect for beginners and those who are looking for a helmet that lasts. The tough EPS provides comfort to the head, and a snug fit.

The 10 openings help with ventilation to make you less sweaty while wearing it. The chin strap is one of the most comfortable because it has padding that prevents the chin from being in direct contact with the adjustment buckle. The thumb wheel also helps with quick and easy adjustments to properly fit according to the head size, even when it is already worn.

Headlamps can easily be attached to it through the use of integrated headlamp clips. It is available in just one size and it can fit head sizes from 53 - 61 cm. It is also available in 2 colors: orange or white.


  • Padded chin strap for more comfort
  • Affordable price
  • Well ventilated


  • Heavy
  • May fall to the sides due to the weight

Grivel Stealth HS Helmet

The Grivel Stealth HS helmet comes one of three different options for your climbing needs from Grivel. The three options include the Stealth HS (Hard Shell) Helmet, the Salamander, and the Stealth (softer shell) helmet. 

The Stealth offers a nice comfortable and secure fit at a great value. For the price, the helmet is very durable and robust. We love the unique aesthetic feel and look to the bright yellow helmet. Besides the lamp clips, which leave a bit to be desired, the helmet offers pretty good performance for the climber. 

Many climbers compare the 2019 model to previous older models, which were very good. The chin strap for this one is super easy to adjust and so is the back of the head area, although it’s not the common twist ratchet type, but rather simple and easy adjusting straps to improve handling. 

The helmet can sometimes sit kind of high depending on size, but you can adjust it down. The inner protection seems to rest directly on the skull for some, which is concerning, but can be adjusted. 


A climbing helmet is a very important part of your climbing gear and you shouldn’t skip on wearing one. It can save your life and prevent you from serious injuries when worn properly. To ensure that you always wear a climbing helmet, you have to make sure that you find one which is comfortable enough for you to wear.

Generally speaking, wearing a helmet can be uncomfortable but you can get used to it, especially when the sport you love involves some risks. There are a lot of choices on the market today but you don’t really have to splurge just to find a suitable helmet; there are more affordable models if you look closely into this article. 

In this review, we have presented you with 3 different helmets at very affordable prices. These helmets are very durable and they can last through years of use, whether you mainly use them for climbing or for other activities. Surely you can select one among the three as the helmet to purchase for yourself or as a gift. 

We really like the Black Diamond Rock Climbing helmet. This helmet offers style, quality, and protection at an affordable price. However, look closely in the reviews to see which helmet is the most appropriate for you during your next great rock climb. 

One thing that you should remember is to adjust the helmet so that it properly fits your head. When it properly and snugly fits, it won’t get in the way of your activities. It offers you not only protection, but also a way to mount your headlight for visibility, or a camera to capture an unbelievable experience or view.


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